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The Wilder & Wilder law firm is and has always been a personal injury firm sensitive to the special needs of that practice. Personal injury is often an all-encompassing event. It affects work, family, ongoing health issues, loss of vehicle, daily budget, etc. It can be a complete and total disruption of everything in a person’s life. The attorneys at Wilder & Wilder have always understood this responsibility and believe that all of their clients are entitled to a lawyer who believes in them and the troubles they face.

In keeping with this philosophy, the Wilder & Wilder law firm has successfully handled thousands of these cases for their clients over the years. The firm knows that, to properly represent personal injury clients, there must be a commitment to investigate and prepare each case. Wilder & Wilder will completely dedicate the time and resources needed to successfully investigate, prepare and present each case.

The Wilder & Wilder law firm has a reputation for helping injured clients and their families in countless circumstances of personal injury. We regularly represent injured clients whose lives have been changed by neglect, and unreasonable and dangerous conduct of others.

Car Accidents

Oil Field Accidents

Premises Liability

Product Liability

Rights of Injured Workers

Truck Accidents

Workplace Injuries

Wrongful Death

Personal injury should not be handled impersonally. If a Wilder & Wilder attorney takes your case, you will talk to one of our attorneys. We are accessible.

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